On Display: Catholicism, Then and Now

In Confessions, Saint Augustine refers to God as: “Beauty so ancient and so new.” This understanding of God can also be applied to our Catholic faith. We are keepers of a tradition that is ancient; yet, that same ancient tradition encourages us to make it a part of our modern lives.

Come learn about where the Catholic Church has been, where it is, and where it is trying to go:

The Coming Catholic Church (Gibson)
Caminemos con Jesus: Toward a Hispanic/Latino Theology of Accompaniment (Goizueta)
Catholicism: Now I Get It! (Smith)
Toward a New Catholic Church (Carroll)
Why be Catholic? Understanding Our Experience & Tradition (Rohr)
Disciples & Dissidents (Wilcox, ed.)
Where Can We Find Her? Searching for Women’s Identity in the New Church (Rosenblatt, ed.)
Finding the Voice of the Church (O’Brien)1098452_10151812690004345_1714784870_n