About Us

The resources of the Vincent Library are open to all Yale students, faculty, and staff. They are also open to all members of the Saint Thomas More community.


The Main Library:

The Vincent Library was a gift of Fay Vincent, Jr. ’63 LL.B., in honor of his father, Fay Vincent ’31. The library houses more than 5,000 volumes, including special collections of DVDs, Reference books, Spiritual Guides and Prayer Guides.

The Reading Room, located at the east end of the library, displays newspapers and journals from a variety of Christian perspectives. The Reading Room also houses our collection of Classics in Western Spirituality and our art and architecture books.



The Riggs Archive:


The Riggs Archive is housed in the library office, Room 203. The Archive contains a collection of books and ephemera that showcase the state of Catholicism at Yale in the first half of the Twentieth Century. The Riggs Archive is open to researchers, professional and non-professional, by appointment only. The Vincent Library Pamphlet Collection and the Librarian’s Reference Collection can also be accessed in the library office.


The Riggs Study:

Formerly the chapel’s main library, the Riggs Study is located on the first floor of the center and serves as a satellite to the Vincent Library. Here, visitors will find some duplicate copies of the library’s books, as well as clerical and lay ministry resources.