Contact Us

The Vincent Library is located on the second floor of the Thomas E. Golden, Jr. Center at 268 Park Street in New Haven, CT. Metered parking is available on the street.

Phone: (203) 777-5537 ext.121

E-mail: [email protected]

Library Director: Sarah Woodford, ’10 M.Div.

Library Summer Office Hours:

Mondays-Fridays 10:30-4:00


Library Visitor Policy:

The library and its study space exist mainly to serve students attending Yale University. Non-Yale affiliated STM community members are also welcome to use our library and its resources.

Non-Yale Members: After leaving their ID with the guard or receptionist at the front desk, they may visit the library for a period of one hour. The ID will be held in the top drawer of the receptionist desk, LOCKED. If the guard needs to leave the area, e.g., restroom, they will put up a clock sign indicating what time they will return to their post.

FlockNote Members: A FlockNote Member’s name must appear on the FlockNote registry, located in the front cover of the security manual at the front desk. If their name is in the register, they may visit the library for a period of one hour. They do not need to leave an ID.

After one hour, security will notify one of the Chaplains or the Library Director. The Chaplain or the Library Director will locate the patron and tell them that their library time for the day is over.

Sunday usage: All are welcome to use the library after each Mass to borrow books for the week. Patrons must sign in with the guard or receptionist if they plan to spend a significant amount of time in the library. Weekday usage rules for Non-Yale members also apply.


Borrowing Visual Media:

The Vincent Library has a collection of DVDs that focus on Catholic and Christian religious themes and struggles—many were featured in the 2013 Social Justice Film Series here at the Golden Center. To borrow a DVD, email the Vincent Library with the title you would like to borrow and your preferred pick up time. Or, come by the Library Office during business hours. As with our books, DVDs can be borrowed for a month.


Book Inquiries:

Does our collection not have a book you are looking for? Let our Library Director know and she will help you locate it through Yale’s library system. Or, she will order it for the Vincent Library’s general collection. Contact her by e-mail, or, stop by the Library Office during business hours.


Book Donations:

The Vincent Library accepts book donations at any time. We especially like receiving clean, lightly used theological and religious texts. All donations are tax deductible. If you are interested in adding to our collection, please contact our Library Director for more information.


In Memoriam and In Honorarium Books:

The Vincent library was built on generosity and it welcomes donations. Donations may be used to celebrate milestones or to recognize others, deceased or living. Please contact our Library Director or one of the Chaplains for more information.