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Swapping Books, Creating Possibility

In front of me is a myriad of books. Last year’s best selling novels, the academic brain-children of Yale professors, books on prayer, art, philosophy, gardening and wizards, sit on the tables in neatly colored rows. Soon, Mass will finish and the Saint Thomas More community will trickle out of the chapel, down the ramp… Read more »

A Growling Laptop and Good Works

I had a lot to do yesterday afternoon. I had to catalog books. I had to update borrowing records. I had to work on an online archival project. And fueled by green tea and a wholesome lunch, I knew that I could do it. Then my laptop developed indigestion. It woke up from its hibernate mode… Read more »

Holding Generations

The Vincent Library’s four generations of the Summa Theologica I hold in my hand a book, a book with a glossy white cover and forest green lettering. Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica—the 1989 edition—has returned to The Vincent Library, its contents read by a Saint Thomas More community member. Its 651 pages feel pleasantly weighty in… Read more »